How To Find Your True Love

promo_starburstDo you want to learn how to find your true love? Do you want to be successful at dating? Perhaps, you want to strengthen your love relationship or avoid toxic relationships and rebuilt your love life.

Considered ground breaking by an Amazon book reviewer and as an amazing book by  psychologist/radio host, our book “Do’s and Don’t s of Relationships: Nine Steps to a Deeper, Richer Love Relationship” can help singles to be successful at dating and couples to be successful in their love relationships including marriage.


The secret to your success is to give yourself the best chance by taking action. If you don’t act now, success will not come.

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Despite how challenging it is for many to find true love, 95% of men and women say that they still believe in true love and would like to know how to find it. How?

Considered ground breaking by Norm Goldman- a book reviewer for Amazon- Do’s and Don’ts of Relationships: Nine Steps to a Deeper, Richer Love Relationship (2nd Edition) was updated with you and your need to find true love in mind.


With over 15 years of experience as a dating and love relationship success expert and having conducted a great deal of research, Ernest Quansah has authored an informative primer with his Do’s & Don’ts of Relationships: Nine Steps to a Deeper, Richer Love Relationship (Second Edition), which gives advice on successful dating and how to prevent love relationships and marriages from falling apart.

No matter how much our social life has evolved, love relationship success has become even more elusive, as evidenced by the high rate of relationship break-up as well as the high divorce rate, which now hovers around sixty percent.

We read about it, we watch television shows like Dr. Phil about it—however, unfortunately we barely recognize the problem, and we do very little about it until it is too late.

The organization of Do’s & Don’ts of Relationships begins with dating and then moves on to love relationships, then marriage, and it concludes with putting together a success plan to break-up proof your relationships and divorce-proof your marriage. Readers certainly will not complain that there is not enough meat on the bone, as Quansah covers a great deal of territory, offering dozens of tips such as understanding the sexes, building self-confidence, secrets to attaining success in a relationship, dating tips and winning the dating game, preventing infidelity, avoiding abusive behavior, behavior to absolutely avoid in relationships, behaviors to pursue, how to not get married just to get divorced, thriving after divorce, developing a success plan and many more important issues.



“The most significant book on love and relationship success I’ve read! I highly recommend it.”

~ Bob Burnham, author, 101 Reasons Why You Must Write a Book


In this revised and updated version of our book—now with more than 365 pages of relationship advice–we cover each of the following in detail (and much more!):

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Below are some of the topics you can expect:

Understanding the Sexes

  • Why Do Men Lie and Women Change Their Minds?
  • Why do men or women cheat and how to avoid being cheated on
  • Words that make women commit to their men forever
  • How a woman can get a man to commit without saying a word
  • Why women love knuckle heads
  • When a man should dress up like a thug and hoodlum to make her desire him
  • Why and when men don’t cry and what makes them cry
  • When women cry, what it means and why
  • Understanding the little girl in every grown woman
  • The top three causes of break-up and divorce and how to avoid them

Dating Tips KG-testimonial

  • Where and how to find dates
  • Winning the dating game
  • How to be a dating octopus
  • Interracial dating advice—when and when not to have an interracial relationship

Dating etiquettes you must know if you want a chance at second date. These are the same dating etiquettes we converted into an article to help online dating service MATCH.COM.

If we can help help their members, we can help you with…

Relationship Advice

Have you ever been in a relationship and thought, “He is the right one” or “She is the one; we are getting married”, just to see that relationship slip through your hands? This happens to millions of people including engaged couples. The chapter titled Relationship Do’s helps you learn what you need to do to give the relationship the best chance of success.

Relationship and Marriage Problem Solving

Relationships and marriage come with their own challenges. Why pay coach a relationship counselor $125 per hour or buy another book on how to resolve conflicts in relationship when the page on relationship problem solving teaches you the right techniques use to resolve conflict in minutes?

Interracial Relationships: The fastest growing relationship in North America is interracial. We offer advice on how to find success and happiness in interracial relationship.


“What an amazing book! Very impressive and it covers everything”

~ Dr. Laurie - Psychologist & Radio Host


In our book Do’s and Don’ts of Relationships: Nine Steps to a Deeper, Richer Relationship, you will also discover:

  • Relationship don’ts—what we call relationship killers, and how to avoid them
  • Relationship do’s—what we call relationship builders, and why you need these tools to build a firm love relationship in an ever-changing world
  • Compliments you must never give to a any woman or man on the first date
  • How to avoid a toxic relationship
  • How to heal from an abusive and/or toxic relationship
  • How to understand the mindset of controllers and how to defeat them

Are you Engaged or Newlywed? Claire-testimonial

Our book will give you the tools to:

  • Make your marriage blossom
  • Divorce-proof your marriage
  • Put together a success plan for your marriage so it never fails
  • And much more!



As a trained relationship expert with over 15 years’ experience coaching men and women from all sorts cultures from many countries, when you purchase our book, I coach you or give you advice on any relationship related topic.


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“After a series of failed relationships, I became very frustrated with my love life. I felt that I no longer had the time or energy to waste on relationships that weren’t going to lead towards my objective of commitment and marriage.

“I began to do some research and came across Ernest’s Web site. I was impressed with his practical approach, and his simple yet elegant concepts really resonated with me. I sought him out and engaged his services as a counselor and relationship advisor. Ernest helped me clarify what I was looking for, identify my core values, and structure a process for achieving my objective.

“Over the course of time, Ernest guided me in my quest and provided clear, concise advice that ultimately proved successful. He helped me with realizing that a woman I had met was the right one, and he also helped both of us with some problems we were having that almost caused us to break up.

“He taught me how to go about fixing our love relationship with my then fiancé.

“The best part of it is that he worked with me and shared with me what I needed to learn, plus the changes both my fiancé and I needed to make so that we could be a happy couple.

“I am now happily married to a beautiful, educated, and supportive woman. This would not have been possible without Ernest’s advice.”

Mr. Scott
Private investigator, USA


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  • Average price of a nice date: $60, with no guarantee of a second date

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~ J.L. - Sydney, Australia



Imagine leaving the love life you have always wanted instead dreaming about it. With my personal support, you can make it happen.

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We are willing to do our best to help you but the key to your success is to ACT. If you don’t take action now so that you are ready to give yourself a chance of success, how would you feel? Nothing is worse than regret and worry that you may have missed an opportunity to find your heart desire. Your Success is in Your Hands!


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